We are proud to present an efficient way of collecting service tips.

Whenever you are an individual or a corporate service provider - you can easily begin to receive cashless tips and request payouts on demand in a convenient way.

Service Tips

What is Tip&Go?

Tip&Go is a digital platform for cashless tipping and easy gratitude in any clients service business environment (Restaurants, Bars, Beauty, Taxi, Delivery, Shops, Sport, etc.)


What are the benefits?

Customers, employees (waiters, chefs, coaches, couriers, drivers, consultants and others) and business owners benefit using Tip&Go:


  • No need to keep cash in the wallet and to feel embarrassed if there's none for some tips
  • Secure and transparent cashless payment of pre-calculated tips % or any fixed amount


  • An increase of 2-3 times in tips receieved (nowadays customers tend to switch to cashless payments often having no cash in their wallets)
  • Immediate access to the tips received (no need to wait the salary)
  • Transparency, statistics and control over everyday tips received in easy dashboard

Business owners

  • Reduced workload on the transaction of tips (no need to use corporate account, no additional accounting and tax calculations)
  • Effective live analysis of business/
    stuff performance


Easy sign up and configuration
Instant tips and gratuities accumulation
Transaction history
Secure payouts
Privacy and personal data protection
Supports businesses and individuals
Service Tips
Printed bill

How does it work

QR-code printed on the bill

Tip&Go integrates into any modern POS system and prints QR-code on the receipts, which is scanned by customers’ smartphones for seamless online payment.

This case QR-code contains the data of the particular order and tips amount might be pre-calculated with several options.

QR-code printed on corporate merchandise

Another option is to print QR-code on any corporate merchandise, info-plate, bill-envelope, etc. or even generate it right on the smartphone of the services provider.

Thus, it would not be linked to the particulare bill, however allows to leave a tip to the waiter or venue in general.

Tip&Go social responsibility

Team of Tip&Go strongly believes in the social responsibility and principals of sharing and caring, that is why we agreed to donate part of our revenues to charity. Also we encourage our customers and clients to share these principals with us. So anyone using our platform would be able to make a donation to some of the listed charitable institutions.


Do we integrate with POS?

Tip&Go integrates into any modern POS system and prints QR-code on the receipts or corporate merchandising which is scanned by customers’ smartphone for seamless online payment.

Is it secure?

Tip&Go is fully GDPR compliant and doesn’t collect or transfer any sensitive or personal data.

What is the Tip&Go commission?

Tip&Go is free of charge for the customers and business owners, we charge only 2.5% fee when withdrawing the accumulated tips from the personal account.

How to install Tip&Go platform?

For the seamless integration to your POS system you need to contact our support team. The further setup takes only several minutes.

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